COST Action CM1401
16-20 Jan 2017 Faro- (Portugal)

Our Astrochemical History


 The "Astrochemical Week" will take place from Jan. 16, 2017 to Jan. 20, 2017. It is the general meeting of our action CM1401 Our Astrochemical History 

The meeting will be hosted by the University of Algarve (Faro-Portugal) and take place in Olhão (see venue).


It will consist in three successive meetings:

  • The Second General Meeting of the Action (mid term meeting)    
    Tuesday 17 - Tuesday 19, January 2017.

  • WG2 specialised meeting, 'Chemistry inside ices'
     Monday 16th, January 2017.

  • WG3 specialised meeting, 'Non thermal desorption'
    Friday 20th, January 2017.

 Booklet of the full program is to be found here

Also, we shall have 

  • A Management Committee          
    Wednesday 18th, January 2017 in the afternoon.


The main objective of this Action is to bring together chemical and astrophysical laboratories to focus on the molecular evolution towards complexity, from early stages of star formation to the present day Solar System. The Action will deliver data essential to our understanding of the astrophysical data now being provided by the large European instruments and deliver innovative experimental and theoretical schemes for physical chemistry at large.

While the first meeting in Prague ( put emphasis on the general aspects of astrochemistry, we aim now to focus on the first results of this Action, and in particular on reports from the three Working Group meetings, in Pisa (WG1 and 4, gas phase and isotope chemistry), and in Garching (Theory in gas phase reaction).

New collaborations fostered by the Action, driven by the Short Term Scientific Missions will be at the center of the stage. We wish that younger colleagues, Post-Docs and students come and present their work. In line with the general policies supported by COST in general and this Action in particular, emphasis will be put on results and actions put forward by inclusiveness countries ( ).

The meeting will  host keynote and invited speakers, about recent experimental, theoretical and observational advances, as well as future observational capabilities. some highlights on new results will be presented. Other topics  will be presented with short talks and extensive poster sessions.

The General Meeting is open to the whole community of physical chemistry and astrochemistry. EXTENSIVE SUPPORT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS OF THE ACTION, in compliance with the COST rules, see the registration pages. Attendance is limited to 100 people.

The two WG2 and WG3 sessions will be specialized working meetings. Attendance is limited to 40 people, from the concerned Working groups. Attendance to those two events are by invitation only, see the the relevant WG2 WG3 pages.



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Friday November 11th, 2016.     

End of registration           

Friday December 9nd, 2016.

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